Upper Elementary

9 – 12 Years

“Montessori classrooms work well when the teacher understands the necessity of continually appealing to children’s innate behaviors that lead to their adaptation to society and, ultimately, the possibility of changing that society.”   — Paula Polk Lillard, Author on Montessori

In addition to standard academic instruction, the Homestead Upper Elementary program places emphasis on current local and global issues to better understand our contemporary world situation.  We focus on matters in which the children can become appropriately involved in order to instill  a feeling of responsibility and empowerment.  Our hope is that each one of our students graduates with the attitude:  “I can make a difference by speaking, writing, using my two hands, and acting upon my principles.”

The Homestead School’s Upper Elementary program has been designed considering state and national standards, Montessori best practice, and our own emphasis on outdoor education and environmental stewardship.  In addition, we offer in-depth specialty subjects such as foreign language, computer training, music, drama, fiber arts, and physical education. Such specialties are embraced by the Homestead staff as an integral part of a program which helps the child to see constant applications for the regular classroom lessons, while firing the creative imagination and stimulating interests to last a lifetime.